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FALGAYRAS Company has been established in Toulouse's aeronautical area in 1969.
The company provides a specific aeronautical know-how, its units are specialized in the study, conception and standard production of aeronautical and industrial equipments.

It also insures the verification, repair, maintenance and overhaul of airboard instruments and accessories, as well as the verification and overhaul of measure and test equipments in Metrology.


The quality of the Company's services is guaranteed by its certifications ISO 9001:2008 and EN 9100:2009, its agreements PART 21 G, PART 145, FAR 145 and TCCA.

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Its equipments production is destined to principals in the aeronautical and industrial fields. Its different technical products are designed, modified, produced, tested and verified according to your requirements.


The company's experience in the aeronautical and industrials fields allow you to obtain, through its trade service, products of all origins and all types, with attractive conditions of prices and delivery dates.


"FALGAYRAS Company is a team of women and men who are able to advise and assist you confidentially,
no matter what kind of intervention you will entrust them with."