Clock Timer Chronometer

Clock-Timer CH97R11 QE

This clock-timer gives the time and measures with precision time slots between 0 and 30 minutes thanks to its time counter, and beyond that limit, thanks to the rotating sight-bar.

Its electronic crystal movement is supplied by an internal battery (access from the outside, operating time 18 months.)

Set switches:

  • on, off
  • reset of the dock
  • pattern mode
  • setting of the clock right
  • pointers indexation
  • 6 pins circular connector (D3899920JA35PN/ACT 90 WA 35 AN according to MIL-C-38999).

Lighting according to the norm OOOAS1821:

  • bluish-white
  • red
  • green B.


Shade of the alphanumeric marking:

  • matt white
  • saturn yellow BNL

Operating temperature:

  • + 70° C/-35° C. (Thermostated for an operation at very low temperature <-35″C)

In accordance with the norms:

  • MIL STD-810 E and RTCA DO-160C.
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