Maintenance, repair and overhaul


A know-how in civil and military aeronautical maintenance

FALGAYRAS operates in the aeronautical zone near Toulouse and is specialized in the verificationrepair and general overhaul of controll panel instrumentation and accessories for the aeronautical and other industries.
Our aeronautical maintenance division is PART 145 (N° FR.145.139), FAR 145 (N° Y4GY434Y) and TCCA approved:

1. Flight control and navigational equipment:
– Altimeter, altimeter encoder, variometer, anemometer, Mach meter
– Gyroscopic instrumentation
– Magnetic course detector, magnetic compass
– Chronograph and on board mechanical clock, electric and electronic

2. Electronic, electric and motor control equipment:
– Generators, tachometers, RPM indicators, indicators
– Transmitters, Sensors : mechanical, electric or electronic for pressure (gas and liquid), temperature, output, level change
– Valve, manometer, thermometer, linear activator
– Amplifiers, command and control boxes

3. Electric circuit and electronic equipment:
– Generators, alternators, voltage regulators
– Variable speed drive units, starters, relays, command and control boxes
– Ammeters, voltmeters
– Amplifiers

4. Radio com, radio nav:
– Indicators
– Calculators
– Amplifiers

5. Electric motors:
– Rewinding
– Balancing

6. Air conditionning and pressurization:
– Transmitters, contactors, heaters, regulators, valves, filters, translators

7. Fuel:
– Pressure switch, transmitter, accumulator, pump, filter, accessory

8. Hydraulic:
– Actuator, distributor, pump, filter, valve

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