Transmitter and Switch

Pressure transmitter
Deliver a determined resistance value for a given pressure applied on pressure connector: operating temperatures -45°C to +70°C, maximum intensity 0,2 A, operating fluid every kind of lubricant and fuel.

Pressure source:
TP9301: up 0 to 500 millibars
TP9501: up 0 to 3 bars
TP9601: up 0 to 10 bars
TP9602: up 0 to 10 bars
TP9603: up 0 to 10 bars

Pressure Switch PS – PS9819
Establishes an electrical contact (between terminal M4 and ground) in the case where we apply a pressure of 1,5 bar +/-10%.
The resistance to overpressure is 20 bars for 1 minute.
The average frequency of interruptions is 30 per minute and the allowable peak load is 3 watts no inductance.
This equipment is designed to operate in extreme temperatures between -40 » c and +730° C, tension from 9 to 32 Vdc and Maximum intensity 0,5 A.
Operating fluid : every kind of lubricant and fluid.

Micro Switch – MC96
The differential pressure micro switches of the MC96 range establish an electrical contact in the case where we apply a differential pressure which is equivalent to a given speed.
The electric connector type is 851-02H-8-3A-P50 and the mechanical connector are threaded MIOxlOO.
This equipment is designed to operate in extreme temperatures between -40°C and +55°C and when it is not operating between -45°C to +70°C. Supplying 9 to 32 Vdc, the maximum intensity is 0,2A.
Different models: 40 knots release, 59, 3 knots release, 70 knots release, 88 knots release.

Temperature probe – ST9607
Measures (he temperature of a lubricant., this probe type is thermistor NTC. It allows to take measurements of+/-3°C precision from 0°C to 130°C.
This equipment is designed to operate in extreme temperatures between-55°C and+130°C.
Connection through 6,3 mm Hat FASTON terminal and mounting with MS33656-4 threading.

Water system temperature probe – ST20
This temperature probe is destined to the control of the fluid systems on ever/kinds cf aeroplanes.
ft is proposed fora mounting on pipes of all diameters (e.g. 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inches…).
The probe body is attached to the pipes with a fastener which can be adjusted to the pipe diameter.
Thanks to this system, the mounting is easy and fast on the systems where the pipe doesn’t need to be removed.

Thermostatic switch – Type CT20
This thermostatic switch allows the opening or closing of an electrical system for the pre-determined temperature of some fluid.
Electrical interface : connector 2 pins type MS
Mechanical interface : threading 3/8-24UNF3A

Pressure switch – CP0304
The company has a long experience and a perfect knowledge of the implementation of electronic pressure switches.
Its capacity to handle such products enabled the company to develop equipments for the control and measurement of pressure variations, and to give to its customers the possibility of acquiring systems for the measurement of altitude, speed in the shape of small calculators.
Those calculators deliver signals which vary according to the measures to.carry out, and in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

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