Electric Motor

The Falgayras company has developed expertise in the design, development and assembly of electric motors (linear actuators in particular). Thanks to its know-how in winding, balancing, and development of numerous patented electric motors, it is capable of responding to all needs you may express. Here are some examples of his achievements:

Linear actuator AL9603 :

The nominal linear stroke is 60mm, adjustable from the outside via 2 micro-contacts of 221 mm to 289 mm. 28 Vdc supplied by red (+) and black (-) marked cables: ub + 28Vdc applied to the red wire and a -28 Vdc on the black wire cause the output of the jack rod and vice versa. The exit / return speed of the cylinder rod is 6 +/- 1.5mm / s. Waterproof to runoff. The operation of this actuator is provided for temperatures from -55 ° C to + 70C °. It complies with RTCA DO-160C (ED-14C) and MIL STD -810 E standards.

Ventilation :

Falgayras designs and mass-produces fans for ventilation systems, air conditioning, air conditioning or thermoregulation of electronic circuits or servers embedded computing. These fans have optimal performance in the ventilation area, but also in the ability to accept harsh environments whether climatic, vibratory or electromagnetic disturbances. The operation of these fans is possible with a source power supply varying in voltage and frequency.

Windshield wiper system :

The Falgayras company has developed in recent years a wiping system making call on his expertise in electric motors. This solution is completely innovative and patented. It removes the kinematics traditionally found in this type of equipment. Managed electronically, this equipment has different wiping speeds and positions when it stops in a parking position determined. This solution can of course be adapted to all types of aircraft (planes and helicopters).

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