Heating Cables and Water System Temperature Probe

Heating Cables and Water System Temperature Probe

Falgayras Company produces and sells an assembly which is destined to maintain, on an aeroplane or any other support, the fluid pipes in non-freezing conditions, whatever the external temperature may be. This heating system is self-regulating.

For some other applications, such as the anti-freezing of the clean and waste water dispatching system, the quality of the self-regulating cable is combined with redundant system of electronic regulation, which is operated by probes which detect the pipe’s temperature (fabrication Falgayras Company).

This system ensure without any risk the heating of pipes of various diameters thanks to the different powers available.

The connections are protected and enclosed in a protective shell totally waterproof. The length can be adapted to the circuit to be heated.

Supply tension 115 VAC 400 Hz.

Water system temperature probe – ST20

This temperature probe is destined to the control of the fluid systems on ever/kinds cf aeroplanes. ft is proposed for a mounting on pipes of all diameters (e.g. 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inches…).
The probe body is attached to the pipes with a fastener which can be adjusted to the pipe diameter.
Thanks to this system, the mounting is easy and fast on the systems where the pipe doesn’t need to be removed.

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