Falgayras Company ensures, with its partner’s cooperation, the design, study, development, qualification, industrialization and mass production of any kind of electronic product.

These products are integrated in assemblies designed and produced by Falgayras Company or in equipments developed with the Customers’ technical specifications.

The know-how and experience of Falgayras Company in this area allow us to handle any kind of project and to accompany the Customer in his industrial implementation.

We master all of the electronic fields: technology, components, normalization, test equipments, softwares.

In order to carry out this work, we have at our disposal technical and documentary means such as DAO, adapted measurement means, means of production, norms data…

At Falgayras Company we guarantee to our customers, in the electronic area, a high level of technical nature and control ; these products, of a high reliability and quality, guarantee a flawless service.

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