Falgayras offer activity of verification and adjustment service for measurement and testing equipment:
– Dynamo metric wrenches and screwdrivers
– Dimensional measurement apparatus: mechanical and electric
– Torque sensors and indicators, torque meter, dynamometer, thermometer, strain
– Anemometer, manometer, tachometer, level gauge
– Pressure measurement (atmosphere and hydraulic)
– Pressure generator, debit meter
– Scale, weight, balances, crimping pliers

Reference Standards List: (affiliated COFRAC/BNM, NAMAS)
– Air Data Test Set DRUCK type ADTS 405 and ADTS 403
– Prepare standard DRUCK type C700
– Pressure controleur/calibrator DPI 510 et DPI 515
– Pressure calibrates DRUCK DPI 145, DPI 610
– Calibrator FLUKE type 5100B
– Testing machine ZWICK type 144560
– Slip gauge set
– Series of standard weights
– Dynamo metric standardization Bars
– Marble HECKELL type 812M10
– Chromameter MINOLTA for color, illuminance and radiance
– Precision balance

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