Design Office

FALGAYRAS Company offers to its customers the services of its design office, which is composed of engineers and designers who are specialized in multiple domains and sectors of activity.

The experience of FALGAYRAS Company, its engineers’ know-how and skills allow us to find accurate answers and solutions of high technologies in various and complex areas :

  • Electronics
  • Electromechanical: electricity and mechanics
  • Micro mechanics
  • Watch-making
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Optic
  • Acoustics

The experience which has been acquired in those different sectors, the mastering of tools used for management of projects and modeling CAO/DAO, allow the Design Office to answer to the customers’ requirement with characteristic quality, reactivity and sense of service.

The studies and the development which have been realized allowed to start the mass production of various equipments such as :

  • Indicators, clock-timers, electronic tachometers, anemometers, altimeters, variometers, coding altimeters
  • Pressure transmitters, micro switches, pressure sensors, temperature probes, thermal switches, heaters
  • Linear and rotary electric actuators, electric motors, windings, air fans
  • Electronic control and measure units
  • Windshield rain removal systems for aeroplanes
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