Industrial Manometer

Very accurate and reliable, aluminium treated or plastic material cases, they measure pressure variations compared to a reference.
A aneroid pressure diaphragm is the main element of the manometer.
Its indications are transmitted at the pointer.
The shape of the aneroid evolves according to the difference between those two pressures.

A possibility of resetting of the zero is accessible through the back side of the case and allows an adjustment range of+/-20° of the measurement range.

The range, very complete, which is proposed by Falgayras Company allows to measure pressure variations included between -1000mb and +2000mb.

The admissible surcharge in the aneroid is 10% and 150mb in the case, without the anemometer’s destruction.

*Consult us for another values or/and graduations

Standard Precisions:
+/-5% on the measurement range up to 5mb
+/-3% from 5 to 99mb
+/-2% from 700 to 2000mb
If you need precisions adapted to your requirements, please consult us.

Temperature of operation:
from 0° C to +35° C.

Type MI0401 and MI0402: from the back of the panel, fixation with 4 diam 4,5mm holes in a diam 80mm cutting.
Type MI0403, MI0404 and MI0405: from the front of the panel, fixation with 2 studs and nuts M4 in a diam 95mm cutting.

Graduation and standard measure units :
Manometer Version: from 0 a 1500 mb (range of 0 to 5 mb 0 up to 1500 mb)
Vacuometer Version: from -1000 a 0 mb (range of -5 to 0 mb -1000 up to 0 mb)
Mano-vacuometer Version: of +/- 5 mb up to +/- 1000 mb

Black or white base.

Units of measurement available:
Mm CE – Pascal – Hectopascal – Kilopascal – PSI – g/cm2 – mmH2O – mm Hg – Inch Hg

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