Assembling and Mounting

Agreements EN9100, ISO9001, PART21

Falgayras Company puts at your service and to its customers’ its expertise in the mounting and assembling of aeronautical equipments.
Specialized in this area since almost 40 years, women and men of FALGAYRAS Company have acquired the necessary expertise to insure a very high level of quality in the following fields:
– Silk screen printing
– Electronics
– Electro mechanics
– Mechanics
– Micro mechanics
– Optics
– Clock making
– Fluid mechanics

Once the definition set is provided we are able to take care of all the manufacturing steps of a product, from the supply management to acceptance tests.
We also commit ourselves to insure the optimization of a product during its lifetime (research for new supplier, technical evolutions…).
All these operations are of course carried out with a guarantee of an optimal quality and satisfaction level as testified by our agreements.

We are already assembling for various customers the following equipments:
– Actuators
– Anemo-barometric indicators (anemometers, altimeters, barometers, indicators…)
– Galvanometers
– Self Obturators
– Air bleed valves
– Valves

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