Lighting and Illumination

Thanks to the development of numerous airborne indicators (in particular the Airborne Clock-timer CH97R1JQE, see the corresponding sheet), Falgayras Company has come to realize various lighting solutions for this kind of specific equipments.

– Dial lighting Saturn Yellow BNL <Low Light Level) perfectly adapted when pilots are using NVC (Night Vision Goggles)
– Lighting according to the norm OOOAS1821.
– Traditional Lighting source based on LEDs.

We are able to develop and propose specific lighting solutions for your equipments.

Traditional Lighting:

Falgayras is also able to propose you a complete range on lighting solutions for aerocrafts (landing lights for example).
The use of state of the art LED in these devices allows to have a very much liable (very long life) equipment, but also lighter and economic regarding to its electrical consumption


Falgayras Company has developed Infrared Illuminators for a military program.
Placed in the hold and under the plane’s fuselage and wings these illuminators allow the pilot, thanks to appropriate cameras, to supervise the operations carried out during night flights, while staying furtive.
This illuminator is composed of Infrared LEDs which allow an optimum illumination in term of opening and uniformity while having a low electric consumption.
Thanks to the competences acquired by developing this product, Falgayras Company is able to propose various infrared lighting solutions (projectors, dials…) in accordance with aeronautical norms.

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