Screen Wiper Engine

Falgayras Company has developed a complete wiping solution meant for the military and civil aircraft manufacturers (engine, arm and wiper).
This solution is totally innovative and is patented. It suppresses the kinematic which is traditionally found in this kind of equipment.
This device has the advantage of having a reduced volume and weight as well as a better mechanic capacity.

The engine has a brushless technology with an inversion of the rotation direction.
The system is electronically managed, which allows to suppress the kinematic and therefore to obtain a lighter and more compact equipment.

Electronically managed, this equipment has different wiping speeds and parks when it stops in a determined parking position.
This solution can of course be adapted to all kinds of aircrafts (airplanes and helicopters).

Windshield washer :

Windscreen washer solutions (tank and diffusion on the windshield) are also availabl

Arm :

Falgayras company is used now to develop all kinds of arms (Rigid arms with support spring system, or arm with prestressed blade in order to optimize the support) to fit them to any type of windshield. Recently we have completed the development and certification of an arm in composite materials which notably allows a significant weight gain, by meeting all the aeronautical standards and requirements in force.

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